Replacing an Internal Modem on a Dell Computer

Replacing an Internal Modem on a Dell Computer

Dell is a popular computer manufacturer that uses a signature black case with the Dell logo on the side. Dell cases have become easier to open and easier to work with over the years, giving them a distinct advantage over other computers. Having a Dell case makes replacing internal parts such as modems less work, but there are still several standard steps you have to follow.


1.Shut down your Dell computer and disconnect all of the cables going into the back of the computer.


2.Open the case. Dell has several case designs. Some have a button at the top and a button you have to push; some have a guard on the back that you have to push and then lift. Older Dell cases just have a door screwed on from the back of the case that you must unscrew.

3.Find the modem card. Dell, like most computers, has all of the cards, including the modem card, at the back of the computer screwed into the case. The modem is the one with the phone cable connection. This connection is smaller than the network card connection.

4.Unscrew the modem from the case. Use a Phillips-head screw driver to unscrew the card and then pull up on the card gently to remove it. Sometimes, Dell uses a modem that is built in to the motherboard and cannot be removed but must be turned off in the BIOS.

5.Insert the new modem into the old slot where the previous modem was. If there was no modem card, then insert the modem into an open PCI slot. Screw the new modem into place on the computer case.


6.Close the case and reconnect all of the cables. Restart the computer. If your modem was built in to the motherboard, hit the key to enter the BIOS. There will be a message on the screen every time you start the computer as to which key to hit. This is usually the F2 key on a Dell. Scroll through the menu options in the BIOS and look for “Onboard devices.” In the following menu, choose the modem by highlighting it and hitting “Enter.” Use the arrow keys to select disable and then exit the BIOS.

7.Install the drivers. If the sound card is different than the one that was removed, Windows will prompt you at startup for the location of the modem drivers. The drivers should be on a CD. Insert the CD that came with the modem into the CD drive. In the driver window, click “Browse” and find the driver files on the CD.

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