Everything you need to know about Dell PowerEdge Servers

Everything you need to know about Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell remains one of the world’s premier brands for all things related to computers and server systems, especially in the professional market. This is evident if you take a look at their successful range of servers, the Dell PowerEdge (PE) line. The manufacturer has developed the line over many years now, fine tuning the hardware to perfectly match the needs of its customers.

Where can I buy Dell PowerEdge servers?

Apart from choosing to order directly from Dell, you can buy new and refurbished Dell PowerEdge servers from trusted suppliers. This can be an excellent way of saving money and getting top quality equipment for your business, which can pay off by enhancing your network and providing better resources for your employees to work with. A good Dell stockist will also provide the necessary parts and accessories to install and maintain PE servers including racks, mounts, cables and more.

Poweredge ServersHow do they work?

The latest generation of Dell PE servers use x86 architecture and are optimised to work with Windows Server 2012 for the most part. Microsoft’s cloud-based operating system for servers is the most up-to-date solution for business that need high performance, reliability and lower overhead costs. Dell has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure integrating their software and hardware is as smooth as possible. Intel also collaborated with Dell on the hardware for their server range in the earlier years of the range’s development.

What’s changed in the newest models?

Dell has gradually transitioned from purely a computer and hardware manufacturer to an all-in-one solutions company aimed primarily at businesses. They have used their PowerEdge server range to help grow their reach and expand into new areas, offering comprehensive services to companies including storage and networking facilities. The latest Dell PE models support all this and many more advanced features which can be invaluable to businesses.

Who is the target market for these?

For anyone searching for business servers, the Dell PE range comes highly recommended. They can cater to not only large businesses looking to expand and make full use of the advanced features on offer, but also to small businesses with limited IT resources who want to invest in a top quality system but only have an entry level budget. Whether you opt for new or refurbished servers, Dell’s flagship range may be your best bet for almost any business use.

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